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Body Mass Index

A person’s body mass index is a number calculated based on their height and weight. It is used for a comparative analysis of people with similar heights. The body mass index is a brainchild of a Bel........ Read More

Massage Therapy Does Your Body Good

If you’ve never been for a massage therapy before this, one advice…try. Before the massage therapy begins, you would have started experiencing the benefits of a massage therapy. The low lights, t........ Read More

Try An Ionic Foot Bath To Detox And Cleanse The Body

In today’s times we live in a very toxic environment. The pollution in the air, the chemicals in our food, the water we drink and even the clothes we wear. At any given moment you may be exposed to ........ Read More

Choosing The Right Handbag For Your Body Type

Believe it or not trying on a purse is just as important as trying on clothes. Even though a purse is just an accessory, wearing the wrong style, size or shape can really ruin your look. The part of t........ Read More

Title:a 30-minute, Or Less, Full Body Workout

author:Dr. Jeff Banas source url: 564.shtml date saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10 category:health article: Most people do not have the time to do biceps and........ Read More

Energy, How Does My Body Get It And How Does It Use It?

Many times people will ask an energetic person they know, where do you get all that energy from?? We just assume they simply have an overactive and limitless supply of energy which we are just not cap........ Read More

Detoxify Your Body And Treat Your Ailments

If you are like most of us, you’re tired, maybe overweight, caffeine addicted and stressed out. You just don’t feel your best. You may even have more serious health problems like irritable bowel ........ Read More

Mangosteen Can Help Fight Free Radicals In The Body

Mangosteen has been a big word in the herbal supplement arena for quite some time the reason for this is the xanthone flavonoids and other compounds found in Mangosteen The xanthone flavonoids and ........ Read More

Removing Unwanted Body Hair Permanently & Safely?

Both males and females have unwanted hairs in their body. Everybody wishes to be fresh and energetic. It can be done in a many number of ways according the level of hairs in the body. It is found tha........ Read More

Body Oil Massage - For Smooth Skin

Like our face our body too has to be properly nourished and for that we need to engage ourselves in some of the beneficial activities like massaging which would be very useful for our body. Many are n........ Read More

New Body Language Secrets

If you've ever wondered about the validity of body language analysis, here is something new and exciting to ponder. Though we may be aware of body language, and be able to fake different positions t........ Read More

How To Test Body Fat

When it comes to measuring your body fat percentages, there are many ways suggested to go about this; however, not all of them are reliable in that they take all of the different compositional element........ Read More

Organic Body Care

If you are interested in using only pure, natural products when it comes to organic body care, then you simply cannot find a better product than the ones that are made from lemon myrtle essential oil......... Read More

Back Exercises For Beginning Bodybuilders

From a bodybuilder's perspective one of the most important body areas is the back. Not only can it be visually impressive but a strong back is essential for intensive training and day to day living. I........ Read More

Nervous System Training Vs Body Part Training

It is important to understand the two different aspects of training that is involved when you are trying to build bigger muscles.  The two aspects are your nervous system versus your body part traini........ Read More


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Chronic pain Foods Mind Body
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