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Developing A Marketing Mindset: Part One

Most coaches get involved in coaching for one extremely compelling and valuable purpose – because they want to make a positive impact to the lives of others. As a coach, the extent to which you ar........ Read More

College Weight Gain: A Heavy Burden On The Minds Of Teens

The family is all abuzz. Jun will be home this summer, his first summer as a college man. My parents were so excited that they have already forgotten the visit they made to Jun’s dorm a month ago......... Read More

Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Losing weight can be a long, ongoing process and it is too easy to "throw in the towel", so to speak. This is primarily due to frustrations because of slow results or the seeming lack of results. Ke........ Read More

Preschool Learning Activity: Stimulating Children’s Minds

It is important for those who work with preschoolers to choose a preschool learning activity carefully. Teaching preschoolers is a rewarding experience and young children are like pliable putty in th........ Read More

Online Dating: A Man's Most Important State Of Mind

There are untold riches in the form of female companionship waiting for you online if only you'll change one thought regarding how you'll find success there. Most men have this idea that they are "w........ Read More

Your Mediocre Mind

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. ~ A. Einstein I've always had a love affair with that particular quote. Today, while doing some organizing........ Read More

Best Ten Audio Books To Improve Your Mind

It's indeed incredible that not many people pay a great deal of attention to what gets into their minds. If your mind is positive and creative, you can become all you ever dream of becoming. Mos........ Read More

Jigsaw Mind Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles make great artwork for your wall. They are relatively inexpensive, and by nature pleasing to the eye. There are many types of jigsaw puzzles. Some puzzles are simple with large pieces........ Read More

Cheap Mortgage Insurance: Offering You Peace Of Mind

There can be no worse feeling than staring the prospect of losing your home directly in the face. This is the reality faced by many individuals in the UK every day, and yet it is easily preventable wi........ Read More

Yoga Creates A Balance Between The Body, Mind And Soul.

Yoga is an ancient science that aims to create a balance between the body, mind and soul, thereby curing physical mental and spiritual disorders that are caused by this imbalance. In common language, ........ Read More

Mind-bugling Treasure Hunting

Online gaming experience is elevated further to the next level if you would get into Magic Stones. As a downloadable game, Magic Stones is different because it facilitates the combination of a little ........ Read More

Sniffing Out Mindfulness: Your Nose Knows

A nose is a funny thing. We tend to think about our nose only when it is too big, stuffed up, ready to explode in a sneeze, or focusing our attention on a particularly heavenly or nauseating smell. Y........ Read More

Developing A Referral-based Mindset

Converting your sales business to a referral-based model requires you to rethink and rework your mindset. You must become thoroughly immersed in the referral-selling model. Your clients and prospects ........ Read More

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Home!

Buying a home is really exciting. But before buying there are certain things you must look for and here are they to help you out. Whenever you are looking to buy a house get a pre-approval document. ........ Read More

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind Can Be Yours

The power of the subconscious mind is undebatable. You may live as if you’re in control of your life. But you’re not. Your life is run by the power of the subconscious mind. The power of your ........ Read More


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Chronic pain Foods Mind Body
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