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Redundancy Cover Can Be A Safety Net And Give Peace Of Mind

Redundancy cover can be taken out to protect against the fact that you might find yourself out of work due to being made redundant. While the cover just guards against involuntary redundancy, you can ........ Read More

Golf With Your Mind

Golf is the only game involving a ball that doesn’t use a fixed playing area; this sport (or game, like someone prefer to claim) is described in the Rules of Golf: "playing a ball with a club from t........ Read More

West Indians Retuning Home For Retirement Bear This In Mind

Copyright 2006 Nicholas Marr During the late 1950s and through the 1960s the UK positively encouraged West Indians under their wings to find fortunes in the UK. England at this time was short of lab........ Read More

Relationship Quiz - Do You Know About Your Partners Mind?

I was watching him. Sometimes, he was giving a faint smile. Then he started looking at the ceiling and then started changing his feet position while sitting. After that he was sitting still for some m........ Read More

How To Keep The Mind Strong In Your Golden Years

As we get older we stop using parts of our brain and these areas become weaker and can lead to faster senility, but there are things that can help slow down this process and kelp keep your brain stron........ Read More

A Simple And Effective Mind Power Technique

There are many different techniques you can use to tap into the amazing power of your thoughts. I have here for you a simple visualization exercise which becomes extremely powerful when you master it......... Read More

Money Is In The Mind

Some of us make huge money. Some makes a real big amount. It is as if they have a magic formula. Look at the rich list. Most of them find their name repeated year after year. At the same time there ar........ Read More

Exploring Mindfulness And Meditation

In our every day lives, we are all guilty of neglecting our minds, allowing our brains to be lulled into a lazy, neglected, and unaware state. It is as if we are allowing ourselves to be sculpted by b........ Read More

Mind, Body, And Soul

Being in tune with your mind, body, and soul and how they work is the one most important thing you can do for yourself. We know now that, the three work together. If the body is ill, the mind and sou........ Read More

Anti Aging In Mind Puzzles

Keep the Brain, Mind, and memory in good working order by doing mind puzzles. Mind Puzzles will give them exercise and enhance what you already know along with giving increasing your vocabulary and ........ Read More

The Journey Of Yoga Through Mind

Yoga is a transformative art, and deceptively simple. At least, although the advanced yoga postures are in fact difficult to the unpracticed, and look it, the changes that yoga can bring into one's li........ Read More

Inside The Mind Of A Telecommuting Employer!

I recently had an employer advertise her job in my newsletter and it got me wondering what employers are thinking when the applicants start flooding in. After speaking with her I was able to get some ........ Read More

Mind Puzzles That Bust The Brain

Mind puzzles come in many forms. The puzzles fashion to get you to open your mind to suggestion. Rather than using the right or the left side of the brain, the mind puzzles use tactics to inspire bo........ Read More

Be Single Minded

You’ve read about the importance of being courageous, rebellious and imaginative. These are all vital ingredients in an effective advertising campaign. However, they must be tempered with the most i........ Read More

Positive Mind, Successful Life

It took me a long time to realise the benefits of positive thinking. I had often heard people mention that if you think positive, positive things will happen to you, I used to think they were a bit we........ Read More


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Chronic pain Foods Mind Body
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