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Self Motivation With Your Other-than-conscious Mind

"It is as if evolution has built a safety device in our nervous system that allows us to experience full happiness only when we are living at 100% - when we are fully using the physical and mental equ........ Read More

Pet Care, Keeping The Owner In Mind

What does pet care mean for you? Are you looking for tips on how to properly provide care for your pet, maybe you are looking for pet insurance coverage for your little critter, or possibly in need of........ Read More

Cultivate A Positive Mind-set Through Meditation

You have the ability to create your own mind-set. Whether your attitude is positive or negative, is up to you. The ability to change your environment, circle of friends, and attitude, is within your c........ Read More

Manifest Money – 3 Secrets That Will Change Your Mind

The power to manifest money easily is the power to live your life with total freedom away from the grind of the typical way most people work hard for money. Here are 3 of the most effective ways to m........ Read More

Facts About High-rollers Mindset

Gambling is such a lucrative activity where gains are manifested only to those who have access to it. Generally, gambling is considered as a game of chance. Everybody would love to gamble because........ Read More

Cheap Mortgage Insurance: Offering You Peace Of Mind

There can be no worse feeling than staring the prospect of losing your home directly in the face. This is the reality faced by many individuals in the UK every day, and yet it is easily preventable wi........ Read More

Do You Have The Millionaire Mind?

Wow! I just finished reading T. Harv Eker’ s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I searched for the book and couldn’t find it in our bookstores, so I went to and got a copy. I was astound........ Read More

Metaphors Of The Mind (part Ii)

Storytelling has been with us since the days of campfire and besieging wild animals. It served a number of important functions: amelioration of fears, communication of vital information (regarding sur........ Read More

Change Is Good If You Don't Mind

There is a saying "the only one who likes to be changed is a baby in a wet diaper". For the most part that is very true. However, people really do like change they simply resist being changed. This ma........ Read More

Why You Must Join A Mastermind Group

For the last year I've been a member of a $14,000 a year Internet Mastermind group, setup by Yanik Silver, who's one of the most respected online entrepreneurs in the world of marketing. You may or........ Read More

Heart And Mind: More Connected Than Initially Believed?

In literature, the human heart and the human mind are often either considered to be inextricably linked or distinct and separate entities from one another. For the most part, medical science has tende........ Read More

The Mind Body-fat Connection

The Mind Body-Fat Connection “How Tensing Up Is Making You Fat!” by Sara Lauritzen Negative thoughts, symbolic protection, being who we really are ..... we’re definitely getting clo........ Read More

Exploring Mindfulness And Meditation

In our every day lives, we are all guilty of neglecting our minds, allowing our brains to be lulled into a lazy, neglected, and unaware state. It is as if we are allowing ourselves to be sculpted by b........ Read More

The Mind Of The Real Estate Investor

Myself and many others are living proof that by changing your mental and physical habits, you can build your wealth. This mini-course focuses on changing or fine-tuning your mental habits and attitud........ Read More

Email Marketing Reminds Me Of My First Reading Book.

Copyright 2006 Elaine Currie My first "grown-up" reading book had a lasting impact upon my life. This book was "What Katy Did" by Susan M Coolidge. It merited grown-up status because it had no pic........ Read More


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Chronic pain Foods Mind Body
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Chronic pain Foods Mind Body
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