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Stop Talking About Other People! - Spirituality Information

Why is everyone not talking about you? Why is the world not interested in what you are doing? Why are you not being interviewed by the media like all the other famous personalities?" Four years back m........ Read More

Reiki, A Powerful Tool For Mind, Body And Spirit

Nowadays, the interest in alternative medicine is growing rapidly. Among the vast number of healing modalities available, we find that Reiki has become increasingly popular around the world, especiall........ Read More

Title:10 Great Ways To Receive Some Spiritual Help

author:Michaela Scherr source url: 4416.shtml date saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12 category:health article: Sometimes life gets pretty tough and dark and ........ Read More

Spirituality Information-a Matter Of Sight And Insight

I want to tell you a little story. It happened during my first year in college. I was sitting in my room, late one night, studying for a chemistry test. Tests seemed to be a major part of my life in ........ Read More

Look What He Did, Just Look! - Spirituality Information

Yesterday was a fine day, a really great day, at least, the start of it. As is my usual routine, I started the morning writing, then making phone calls. Next, I checked email. There were many-- severa........ Read More

Just Five Minutes Longer - Spirituality Information

The story has been told and retold countless times about the battle of Waterloo. Poems have been written and songs have been composed detailing every conceivable aspect about it. The English tell it o........ Read More

Living With Real Spirit

The decision I made took me out of character. It went against the grain of my early life experience and clashed with how I've become as an adult. This decision has left me feeling part-whole - more s........ Read More

Angels And Spirit Guides

Even when you feel as though you are completely alone, there are Divine Companions who are always with you. Before your incarnation they chose to accompany you through your lifetime- from the moment ........ Read More

All Of Life Is Spiritual Life

Your life as you know it, even now is a spiritual life. Even if you spend not one second thinking about God, your existence as a soul is a living testimony to God's love and goodness. You came from th........ Read More

Spirituality - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 97 )

“It was as real as you could get,” Marla said, “more real than breathing. The Chief wants us to explain to you, as clearly and simply as possible, the greatest secret in the universe.” “So,........ Read More

Spiritual Healing- Nothing Special

Let's be honest. A lot of people think that spiritual healing is a little "woo-woo." Look at it logically, though, and I think you'll agree it's nothing out of the ordinary. Health is your natural st........ Read More

Age New Spirituality - Inspirational Stories ( Part 59 )

Thus the man that has practised control over himself cannot be acted upon by anything outside; there is no more slavery for him. His mind has become free. Such a man alone is fit to live well in the w........ Read More

Catch The Spirit Of The Entrepreneur

Grabbing opportunities with open arms is often easier to talk about than to actually do. Most people find themselves dreaming about being rich but never actually doing anything about it. A combination........ Read More

Age New Spirituality - Inspirational Stories ( Part 67 )

What does it say? "Work incessantly, but give up all attachment to work." Do not identify yourself with anything. Hold your mind free. All this that you see, the pains and the miseries, are but the ne........ Read More

Daily Meditation - Spiritual Support For Today's World

In days of old, spiritual life was separate from "regular life". People went to church or temple once a week, and then got on with the rest of their lives. Daily meditation was something that only n........ Read More


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Chronic pain Foods Mind Body
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